You are the commander of a fleet of deadly spy cars. You pick the cars, their load-outs and their drivers to send on each mission. Then you give them orders in battle and try to anticipate what the enemies' next move will be. Orders from both sides are executed simultaneously in 5 second increments

Number of playersEdit

1-2. We will implemet hot seat multiplayer for 2 players and a single-player horde mode or series of senarios.


Simultaneous Turn Based Car Combat (STBCC)


Turn Based Games( Frozen Synapse, Steambirds)

Car Combat( Twisted Metal Series , Spy Hunter , Interstate 76)


Flash using Flixel .


Pitched approved and delivered. Project currently active.

Team MembersEdit

  • Colton Spross - Lead Designer (programming and art)
  • Patrick Coursey - Game Design & Writing
  • Looking for Designers
  • Looking for Artists
  • Looking for Music & sound peeps
  • Looking for Healer

Weekly GoalsEdit

  • Week 1: Pitch with basic prototype
    • Recruit
    • bullets!
  • Week 2: Basic Car Action with physics
    • due:weapon concepts and basic sound effects
  • Week 3: Car action with working weapons
    • due: car concepts, level layouts and songs
  • Week 4: Game states for giving orders between turns
    • due: car art and level theme concept, more sfx
  • Week 5: Refine car pathfinding for orders
    • due: finished cars and start of level art, second song
  • Week 6: Implement Objective Sturctures
    • due:concept for game objectives and driver personalities, more sfx
  • Week 7: Car customization and drivers AI
    • Finished map art and finished driver concepts, theme music for drivers
  • Week 8: Internal Playtest break
    • group playtest with pizza
  • Week 9: Senario AI based on playtests
    • Ideas for computer strategy, cuttoff for asset integration
  • Week 10: Splash screen and menus
  • Week 11: Polish and playtest
  • Week 12: Polish and playtest
  • Week 13: Polish and playtest


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Project Leader AgreementEdit

I, Matthew Colton Spross, as project leader agree that I will finish the game (in some form) alone in the case that all of my team members can no longer work on the project.