Mock-up for a space invaders style game


I want to make a puzzle/platformer game where the main character is a marble. It will be made in 3-D. The plan is to have a Marble Madness type game with an added puzzle element. I wanted to be able to have the player change the marble into differents forms to solve the game. Water is something I really, really want to do. I plan on using Unity3d to make the game.

Number of playersEdit

Single Player




Desktop/Web Player(Unity3D)


Pitched approved and delivered.

Team MembersEdit

( List your current team members, including yourself) and what roles you are looking for, First Last - (Role i.e. Project Lead, Main Programmer))

  • Shane del Solar(Lead, Programming)
  • Looking for Sound People
  • Looking for Level Designers
  • Maybe one more programmer?

Weekly GoalsEdit

  • Week 1: ( 1st Round Pitches ) The first two weeks should be things you can do on your own...
    • i.e. Basic prototype with a moving box in a 2D tilemapped world
    • add as many bullets as you need
  • Week 2: ( 2nd Round Pitches )
  • Week 3: Pitching this week. Small little Prototype Moving,
  • Week 4: Build Camera, and User Controls
  • Week 5: Build first Terrain Map, Fine Tune User Controls
  • Week 6: Implement One Fire Puzzle, Menus/GUI, Get Fire Textures
  • Week 7: Have a playable beta game with at least one complete level.
  • Week 8: Add Level 2. Change Into Water. Plan out Sound Design, Get Water Texture/Effect
  • Week 9: Add Level 3, Any Big Fixes Regarding the UI/Menus
  • Week 10: Add Level 4, one more Element, Get Eatrh Texture
  • Week 11: Have All sound in the game and Playtesting
  • Week 12: Polishing
  • Week 13: Game is complete, bug fixes



Project Leader AgreementEdit

I, Shane del Solar, as project leader agree that I will finish the game (in some form) alone in the case that all of my team members can no longer work on the project.