Ndlt screen

Players destroy robot trains as they move across the screen by controlling a ninja that can jump across the screen and destroy any train he passes by. This semester we are adding more content to the game from last semester. This includes better support for different android devices, more levels, more enemy types, and a better menu system.

Number of playersEdit



Zuma mixed with Fruit Ninja, whatever that is.


Android Devices.


Pitched approved and delivered. Project currently active.

Team MembersEdit

Ozzie Smith – project lead

Carson Britt – art

Jonathan Davis – Programming

Sam Wagstaff – sound effects / music

Looking for another artist

Looking for another programmer

Weekly GoalsEdit

  • Week 3: pitch
  • Week 4: fix hit detection for enemies,brainstorm new background art
  • Week 5: determine next enemy type, start prototyping it and art for it, fix music bug
    • prototype level selection
    • implement new background art
  • Week 6: finish first new enemy type (coding, art, sound).
    • improve in-game UI
    • improve damage feedback
  • Week 7: start second enemy type prototyping, fix resolution problems. Put game on app market.
  • Week 8: finish second enemy type, add more levels involving new enemies
  • Week 9: begin implementing level selection screen, high scores. Artwork for it.
  • Week 10: finish level selection screens and high score feature. Begin new enemy type
  • Week 11: finish up new enemy type.
  • Week 12: make more levels for game, tune for difficulty on all levels.
  • Week 13: Game is complete, bug fixes . update game on app market.



Project Leader AgreementEdit

I, Ozzie Smith, as project leader agree that I will finish the game (in some form) alone in the case that all of my team members can no longer work on the project.