Mock-up for a space invaders style game


A brief description of your game. Include important details such as story, setting, graphical styling, important gameplay elements such as player can climb up ledges, enemies explode into smaller enemies, the game has a top-down view, etc.

Number of playersEdit

The number of players your game supports. (i.e. single-player, online multi-player, local two-player, etc)


What genre your game would fit into. (i.e. Platformer, Shoot'em Up, Metroidvania, Runner, etc)


What devices or operating systems can play your game. (i.e. Flash/AS3, iOS, PC, Mac, Web/HTML5)


Pending pitch approval

Team MembersEdit

( List your current team members, including yourself) and what roles you are looking for, First Last - (Role i.e. Project Lead, Main Programmer))

  • John Doe (Project Lead, Design)
  • Looking for Artists
  • Looking for Programmers

Weekly GoalsEdit

(Create a detailed plan for completing your game in a 13 week time span. BE DETAILED! Include things like "have player character animations completed and implemented", "Have the main menu and level selection screens implemented", "Have all sound effects the the player will make", etc)

  • Week 1: ( 1st Round Pitches ) The first two weeks should be things you can do on your own...
    • i.e. Basic prototype with a moving box in a 2D tilemapped world
    • add as many bullets as you need
  • Week 2: ( 2nd Round Pitches )
  • Week 3:
  • Week 4:
  • Week 5:
  • Week 6:
  • Week 7: You should have a playable beta build of your game at this point
  • Week 8:
  • Week 9:
  • Week 10:
  • Week 11:
  • Week 12: The game should be essentially done by this point here
  • Week 13: Game is complete, bug fixes


Add a link to your pitch presentation here. (You will need to create a 8-12 minute presentation that explains the concept of your game and the type(s) of team members you are looking for. A powerpoint presentation is encouraged, but not required)

Project Leader AgreementEdit

I, (insert name), as project leader agree that I will finish the game (in some form) alone in the case that all of my team members can no longer work on the project.