A cultist searches an early 1900s seaport town for the pieces of a tablet that can be used to summon an evil god. 1-3 detectives simultaneously explore the town in an attempt to find/apprehend the cultist. The cultist will have unobscured vision, but the detectives will have their field of view limited by fog. Once the cultist finds all of the pieces he will have to engage in a karaoke style minigame to chant the incantation. If he completes the incantation, the evil god is summoned and the cultist wins. If he fails the minigame, the detectives win.

Number of playersEdit

2-4 player online (1 player could be doable, but would require some sort of AI)


Tag/Chase, stealth, fantasy-horror




Pitched approved and delivered. Project currently active.

Team MembersEdit

§ Rhys Saraceni - (Project Lead, artist, lead designer)

§ Looking for Artists

§ Looking for Programmers

§ Looking for Sound Designers

Weekly GoalsEdit

Week 2: At Global Game Jam

Week 3: Pitch

Week 4: finalized list of art assets/ created essential art assets

UI & menu layouts

Week 5: rough cultist player prototype

Week 6: rough detective players prototype

Week 7: functional prototypes of both cultist and detective

Week 8: all art assets/music created

Week 9: Functional networking / cultist and detective combined

Week 10: add remaining art assets/music to game

Incorporate UI elements & menus

Week 11: incorporate incantation minigame

Week 12: game balance, playtesting

Week 13: Game is complete, bug fixes


Add a link to your pitch presentation here. (You will need to create a 8-12 minute presentation that explains the concept of your game and the type(s) of team members you are looking for. A powerpoint presentation is encouraged, but not required)

Project Leader AgreementEdit

I, Rhys Saraceni, as project leader agree that I will finish the game (in some form) alone in the case that all of my team members can no longer work on the project.